Beiersdorf partners with two global NGOs — Plan International and CARE — to empower girls in Africa and Latin America

The coronavirus pandemic is having a particularly serious impact on girls and young women. It threatens to turn into a backlash in the efforts for equal rights and female empowerment. COVID-19 therefore seems to be a catalyst for inequality, which results in increased violence, more unpaid (care) work and fewer opportunities for education for girls and young women. With the global “Care Beyond Skin” aid program, which was launched by Beiersdorf in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic…

“Together with her team, Changemaker Melina Masnatta, Co-founder and Executive Director of Chicas en Tecnología, promotes the empowerment of adolescent girls and therefore contributes to social innovation and equality in the digital age. We are happy to support her important work as part of the Covid-19 Aid Program,” says Christiane Hölscher, Global CSR Manager at Beiersdorf AG.

Melina Masnatta on stage for “Chicas en Tecnología”

Closing the gender gap and offering new opportunities

There is a worldwide gender gap in science- and technology-related disciplines. At a regional level, current challenges include internet access and computer literacy. Latin American women are at a disadvantage due to having greater social…

“We are happy to support the work of CHI founder Naomi Tulay-Solanke through the Covid-19 Aid program. By promoting low-cost health care solutions, she makes a true difference for many women and adolescent girls and contributes to behavioral and societal change at all levels”, says Christiane Hölscher, Global CSR Manager at Beiersdorf AG.

CHI is a community-based organization which helps women in local communities

Simple but effective solutions to the most pressing challenges of female communities

In Liberia, a taboo associated with the female menstrual cycle is stigmatizing adolescent girls and, in some instances, leading them to stay away from school during their menstrual cycle.

To address this problem, the non-profit…

“School dropouts have seriously increased during the pandemic. Safeguarding access to education for children and adolescents in these challenging times is the objective of Priya Agrawal’s “Antarang Foundation”. We are glad to support her work as part of our Covid-19 Aid program.”

Antarang Foundation creates access to education

Offering a transformative journey to the most vulnerable children

Despite an increase in school and college enrolment rates, the problem of youth unemployment and underemployment remains a serious issue in India. Growing numbers of young people do not have the aspirations or skills needed to pursue a viable livelihood. More than 40% of children drop out of school…

“Changemaker Deep Jyoti Sonu Brahma, Co-founder of Farm2Food, inspires children and youths to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their communities during the pandemic and beyond. We are very happy to support this great project through our Covid-19 Aid Program”, says Christiane Hölscher, Global CSR Manager at Beiersdorf AG.

Deep Jyoti Sonu Brahma explaining farming to school kids

Creating long-term perspectives for children and families

India’s northeastern region suffers from poverty, underdevelopment, civil conflict and a distinct lack of faith in political leadership. The agricultural sector, which employs over 70% of the region’s population, is characterized by low productivity, often attributed to its laid-back culture and lack of an…

“With innovative local solutions, Changemaker Muzalema Mwanza and her team at Safe Motherhood Alliance contribute to making births safer — for mothers, newborns and health workers. A great project to support as part of our Covid-19 Aid Program”, says Christiane Hölscher, Global CSR Manager at Beiersdorf AG.

Safe Motherhood Alliance supports mothers and their newborns in Zambia

Reducing neonatal and maternal mortality

High rates of maternal and prenatal mortality in developing countries like Zambia indicate a crucial need for new and innovative interventions for pregnancy and neonatal care. …

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